Easy Bake Ovens for Boys?

So, my nephew Wynn, who turns 5 later in December, is interested in being in the kitchen & learning to cook.  I suggested an Easy Bake oven, recalling my bright yellow and black version, circa 1970s, treasured and well used, cooking brownies in a silver tin … over a light bulb … good times.  This was enthusiastically embraced by Wynn and family alike, so the quest begins to get Wynn his Easy Bake oven.  Search revealed the following:

1. Technology has advanced to electricity — no more wattage-food, torched fingers

2. The design is sleek and updated, curved and modern

3. It’s in PURPLE!!  Wait a minute, where’s the “new age” yellow?  What happened to gender neutrality?  Isn’t anyone challenging this oh-so-obvious pandering to girls?  Is my nephew the only little boy that thinks it’s cool to learn to cook?  Didn’t anyone tell the Easy Bake people that men dominate the Executive Chef ranks?  Where is the training for boys at the impressionable young ages?  Are girls the only ones for whom it’s socially acceptable to play on tiny ovens?

Conundrum ensued … additional searching for viable Easy Bake oven alternatives with gender neutral color.  Queried fellow foodies and chef friends … stumped them all.  Every road leads to … the Easy Bake oven.  Drenched in purple, purple utensils … thank goodness they still have the brownies.

Hello friends!

So, it began, as many lovely things do, in my Mom’s Kitchen.  Preparing for Thanksgiving … snapping green beans, tossing salad & riffing on current events.  “We should blog together”, I said to my Mom.  “You think anyone would want to read it?’, replied the ever-practical matriarch.  “Let’s give it a shot”, we both said.  My Dad, the skeptic, said nothing, but shared an eye roll that meant “here they go again”.  Yes, true enough, so look out for the flying potatoes …